CNC Waterjet Cutting Services


pic40The Waterjet machine offers advantages over laser and plasma cutting systems. It can cut virtually any material including all metals, plastics, glass (non-tempered), wood, gasketing materials, and much more. The beauty of the Waterjet system is that it cuts without any heat affected areas and has an accuracy of +/- .003. Complicated shapes with extreme accuracy can be produced easily. “Short Runs” are welcomed, unlike most laser cutting shops. Further processing of parts can be finished at our shop as needed.


pic 10Capabilities of the Waterjet System

~ 5′ x 10′ Work Area, although longer lengths can be accommodated
~ +/- .003 Accuracy
~ Smooth, Burn Free Edges
~ Supported by .dxf or .dwg Files
~ Material Thickness up to/including 4″
~ Beveled Edges & Holes




Water jet

Water jet