Vibratory Deburring

Vibratory Tub Systems

The ZA Series Vibratory Bowls are constructed of heavy duty welded steel and feature a unique key-shaped bowl. This design has proven better than standard U-shaped bowls because it provides a true orbital path for parts and media. This movement results in minimal part impingement with parts spending maximum time in media. The spiral bottom and gradual incline of the Series ZA Vibratory Bowls eliminates part and media build-up at the unloading ramp. An even mass depth is maintained during finishing and unloading cycles. Standard features on our Series ZA Vibratory Bowls are a polyurethane bowl liner, heavy duty spring bowl suspension, heavy duty bearings, adjustable amplitude and lead angle, convenient media discharge door and ideal load and unload height.


Model Total Volume Bowl Dimensions Motor Hp
ZA-50 2 cubic feet 33”W x 33”L x 43”H 1 hp
ZA-100 3.5 cubic feet 41”W x 41”L x 47”H 2 hp
ZA-200 7 cubic feet 53”W x 53”L x 51”H 3 hp
ZA-300 10.5 cubic feet 59” W x 59”L x 53”H 5 hp
ZA-450 16 cubic feet 71”W x 71”L x 57”H 7 ½ hp
ZA-600 21 cubic feet 80”W x 80”L x 61”H 10 hp
ZA-900 32 cubic feet 87”W x 87”L x 69”H 15 hp
ZA-1200 42 cubic feet 98”W x 98”L x 71”H 15 hp




The V Series Vibratory Tumblers are ideally suited for deburring and finishing applications involving high volume and large parts. The V machines offer more aggressive vibratory action than a bowl machine and result in shorter cycle times. With sizes ranging from 3 to 44 cubic feet, you can run parts as large as 11’ long by 20” wide. Adjustable polyurethane lined dividers are also available to permit two or more processing chambers. This results in the ability to process different parts at the same time and eliminates part on part impingement.


Model Total Volume Tub Dimensions Motor Hp
V-3 2.7 cubic feet 12”W x 29”L x 14”H 1 hp
V-6 5.9 cubic feet 17”W x 35”L x 19”H 5 hp
V-12 11.8 cubic feet 16”W x 70”L x 19”H 7 ½ hp
V-13 14.3 cubic feet 22”W x 46”L x 26”H 10 hp
V-16 16.8 cubic feet 16”W x 94”L x 19”H 15 hp
V-20 20.5 cubic feet 22”W x 70”L x 25”H 20 hp
V-24 23.6 cubic feet 16”W x 142”L x 19”H 25 hp
V-26 25 cubic feet 22”W x 94”L x 25”H 25 hp
V-44 43.3 cubic feet 21”W x 141”L x 25”H 25 hp


The PV Series Vibratory Tumbler is a small, compact and self contained machine that rolls on swivel casters and fits nearly anywhere to maximize your floor space. The PV Series uses a 2700 RPM Vibratory Eccentric Shaft and produces the same high energy action as larger, more expensive vibrators. This allows for more economy, but the same high quality finished parts.

Model Total Volume Tub Dimensions Motor Hp
PV.75 .75 cubic feet 13 ¾”W x 8 5/8”L x 11 5/8”H 3/4 hp
PV2.5 2.5 cubic feet 15 ½”W x 19 ¾”L x 15 ¾”H 1 hp
PV5.0 5 cubic feet 15 ¼”W x 44 ½”L x 15 5/8”H 1 ½ hp




The CV Series Vibratory Tubs are ideally suited for use with high volume production equipment. Parts can be fed from a wide variety of production machines into the Flo-Thru System. The result is single pass mass finishing of parts, without manual part handling. These machines are ideally suited for the die cast, stamping and screw machine industries.


CDF Industries specializes in complete systems, including fully and semi-automated systems and sound enclosures.  Call today to discuss your project.

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