Ultrasonic Washers

Ultrasonic Technology

Ultrasonic cleaning is used in conjunction with immersion wash/rinse.  This option has proven very effective in removing especially difficult contaminants.  High frequency sound waves are generated through the solution, producing vigorous microscopic bubbles that scrub the surface of the substrate.  The ultrasonic energy released in these bubbles greatly increases the effectiveness of the chemistry and strips the contaminants from the parts.

Tabletop Ultrasonic Washers

Tabletop or benchtop ultrasonic washers are small enough to fit on top of a working bench or table.  They utilize the same ultrasonic cleaning technology as larger units with a dramatically reduced footprint.  The tabletop washers have a submersible basket that holds parts in place during the cycle. The tanks are usually heated and are self-contained and portable.  As with all our units, these parts washers can be customized and come in sizes that vary from 2 gallon to 50 gallon tanks with various shape configurations.  The electrical configurations for tabletop ultrasonic washers are usually utilize single phase current.

Multistage Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems

CDF Industries’ multi-stage ultrasonic parts washers are an economical option when ultrasonic cleaning is desired inline with other stages or cycles.  Often no operator is needed for conveyance through the cycles.  Our fully automated systems make choosing a CDF built washer an easy choice.

Our process engineers use immerse ultrasonic transducers inside the process tank.  Use of the correct ultrasonic transducer and generator will assure greater sensitivity and axial resolution to target hard to remove contaminants.  When designing an ultrasonic washer great care is given to the frequency, bandwidth and focus to allow for maximum part coverage and desired, consistent results.

With years of practical knowledge and experience, CDF Industries welcomes the opportunity to provide custom ultrasonic cleaning equipment at affordable prices.  We design parts washers around the application, clean spec and available floor space.