Coolants & Lubricants

Lubricants & Coolants:

Progressive technology for Metal Working

CDF Industries is a broad line distributor of coolants and lubricants used in all industries.  In an effort to set ourselves apart from others, CDF Industries is committed to providing optimum products that fit the specific needs and allow our customers to be competitive in today’s global economy.  The problem solving capabilities of our process engineers and chemists enable us to formulate specific products for applications where standard formulations are not satisfactory.  These innovative technology developments, combined with superior service and easy accessibility, make CDF Industries’ approach the sensible way to meet industrial chemical needs.

Metal Working & Process Chemicals

  • Soluble Oils, Synthetics, Semi-Synthetics
  • Cutting, Stamping, Drawing Fluids
  • Water dilutable fluids

CDF Industries manufactures a complete line of metalworking coolants, cutting & grinding fluids, cleaners, vibratory compounds, rust preventative, and all types of drawing and stamping compounds including synthetics, mineral oil, and vegetable oil based products. We specialize in analyzing a client’s process and a specific product will be recommended or custom designed.

Our line of coolants utilize innovative technology designed for all phases of metalworking operations—cutting, grinding, tapping, rollforming, sawing, tube rolling, and more.