Vertical Door Washers

CDF Industries vertical door washers meet the challenge of parts washing with innovative, space-saving and cost-effective solutions for industrial applications requiring consistent part quality and machine reliability.

All of CDF Industries vertical door washers are water based and designed to be used with equally environmentally friendly water based chemistry.  Our “green” vertical door washers provide a safe method of cleaning while effectively and consistently providing clean parts.

Vertical door washers offer a unique space saving approach to cleaning heavily soiled parts.  Turntables can be utilized with various diameters to accommodate all part or basket sizes.  Nozzles are pointed in order to achieve 360° coverage. 

CDF Industries takes workplace safety seriously and equips all of our machinery with numerous safety features.  A vertical door washer features a pressure sensitive edge to detect if the door path, in the down travel mode, is obstructed. If the path is obstructed the downward travel of the door will be interrupted and the door will return to a full open position.

Because of our vertical door washers are safe and high quality, our machines can be found in large aerospace manufacturers, automotive parts manufacturers, university laboratories, and precision military component manufacturers to name a few.

CDF Industries is known for product knowledgeability, excellent customer service and reliable service.  We would like the opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to customer satisfaction.







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