Conveyor Washers

Conveyor / Pass Through Washers


CDF Industries water based conveyor belt parts washers step up to the parts washing challenge with innovative and cost-effective solutions for industrial applications requiring consistent quality and machine reliability.

CDF conveyor belt washers use water based technology to aid in removal of chips, oils and greases.  Our conveyor belt parts washers have flexible designs and heavy duty components for enduring service to your facility.

Through practical experience, CDF Industries has developed heavy duty conveyor systems utilizing stainless steel belts and a support design consisting of our patented industrial grade UHMW “EZ-Glide” conveyor support that is far superior to rollers or metal glides.  Our system provides the smoothest conveyance of components on the market with no required maintenance.

With practical experience in aerospace, military precision component, automotive,  pharmaceutical & medical lab

equipment, and machined metal manufacturing,  our machines can be found in large aerospace manufacturers like The Boeing Company, automotive parts manufacturers like Cardone Industries, university laboratories like the

University of Kentucky, and precision military component manufacturers to name a few.







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