Wastewater Treatment

CDF Industries designs, builds, and develops treatment processes for industrial wastewater treatment.  Our cutting edge clay flocculant technology and quality service has led to wastewater treatment solutions where many had failed before. We analyze industrial wastewater on a daily basis for facilities and perform TCLP testing on sludge to make sure your company is in compliance with federal and municipal regulations. 

Our wastewater treatment products continue to be innovative in meeting clients’ needs in the industrial, municipal and oilfield wastewater markets. CDF Industries works with clients with hazardous wastewater and/or industrial waste streams.  Industrial wastewater is clarified through chemical precipitation, flocculation and de-watering of the sludge.  The results are clean water and a non-hazardous sludge cake.

CDF Industries custom designs treatment formulas that can include pH adjustment, treatment for BOD or COD, polymers and bentonite clay that creates a large floc. The flocculant is then separated from the treated clean water with a press and can be reused or discharged.

CDF’s industrial wastewater treatment process “locks up” hazardous components to pass the Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure (TCLP) Test Procedure in order to solidifying hazardous liquids for disposal.  We have an on-site wastewater lab to confirm the sludge cake is non-hazardous and that the treated waste water meets local discharge limits.

Our treatment chemistry removes oil and grease, heavy metals, and suspended solids from industrial wastewater.  CDF Industries wastewater treatment chemicals remove trace metals, soluble solids and soluble metals from water and allow the resulting floc to settle faster and release water for drier sludge cakes.

Using RM-10 bentonite clay and other treatment clays and polymers, CDF Industries finds a cost effective solution for safe water clarification and wastewater treatment.  In addition to our comprehensive line of world-renowned RM-10® clay flocculants, CDF Industries offers a complete line of liquid flocculants and coagulants, filtration media, and sludge solidification and stabilization agents for treatment of industrial wastewater containing emulsified oils, heavy metals, and suspended solids.



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