Immersion/ Dip Tank

Immersion (Dip Tank) Washers

Immersion parts washers are useful for degreasing, precision cleaning and rinsing.  CDF’s immersion parts washers clean by moving the parts in and out of solution (agitation), using spray nozzles to force solution through and over parts, and/or sonic/ ultrasonic waves.

CDF Industries’ parts washers have proven effective in cleaning blind holes, occlusions, difficult angles and delicate, light weight parts.

Often our immersion washers have several cycles that wash, rinse and/or dry parts.  Utilizing oil coalescing technology and high temp oil splitting, CDF Industries is able to greatly extend bath life.  Fewer solution changes mean using less chemical over time and less down time.

The automatic conveyance of parts baskets allows for less operator interaction and more reliable results time and time again.

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