Vacuum Systems


Pump Warehouse Company has vacuum systems that capture up to 98% of the water being used during pressure washing with no run-off or damage to surroundings.

Our powerful units are a one-step system that pressure washes, rinses and instantly recovers the waste stream for proper treatment.

This clean and capture system will expand business opportunities for higher-paying, environmentally-sensitive jobs and more profit.

You can use these systems indoors or out with no overspray and no contaminant problems.

Don’t forget accessories: separation tank, pressure washer hose, hose reel, sandblasting kit, wall kit and 11″ – 24″ wide clean and capture tool. The clean and capture tool allows you to recover debris & water “on the fly” from hundreds of feet away for non-stop cleaning action.



  • Electric Start w/ maintenance free battery
  • High efficiency vacuum pump
  • Vacuum gauge
  • High vacuum engine shut-down
  • Automatic waste water pump-out
  • Heavy duty frame and waste tank
  • Waste Collection Bag Filter
  • 50′ Vacuum Hose
  • One-Year Warranty