Soap & Detergent

Industrial Degreasers

Wild Dog – This heavy duty caustic off road cleaner is concentrated & designed to clean off-road equipment, dozers, scrapers, front end loaders, back-hoe’s etc.  This product will remove carbon, grease, and other stubborn problems.  It works best in hot water or steam, and rinse free at any temperature.  Not for use on automobiles, over the road trucks or aluminum surfaces.  USDA approved.  Available in Drums.

Hood Cleaner – This is a steam cleaner and kitchen degreaser designed to clean stubbon burned-on grease from kitchen and food service equipment, such as hoods, ranges and ovens.  It performs best wehn used through a steam cleaner at steam temperatures.  Dilution ranges from 10:1 to 100:1 depending on application.  USDA approved.  Available in Drums.

Smoke House Cleaner – This USDA approved steam cleaner and kitchen degreaser is designed for use in BBQ, Chinese and other type restaurants where carbon stain, grease, oil, tar and burned on grease is a problem. (1 Drum makes 2).  Available in Drums.

BD-6 – This is a non-caustic cold water degreaser.  It is commonly used in house washing, awning cleaning, concrete floor scrubbing and many other applications.  It will work exceptionally well as a pre-spray through a pump-up sprayer, prior to steam cleaning or hot water washing.  This product will remove carbon stain, bugs, grease and oil, when spragyed on the surface of a vehicle before pressure washing.  For use in cold water pressure washers, apply to the surface at the rate of 50:1.  As a pre-spray apply at 20:1, but can be used stronger or even straight, when soil load demands.  USDA approved.  Available in Drums or 5 gallon Pails.

Concrete Cleaner – This is a concentrated concrete cleaner that contains an organic solvent to help dissolve and remove grease, oil, black tire marks, etc.  Dilution will vary according to application.  USDA approved.  Available in Drums.

Transportation Cleaners

Truck-n-Tuff – This super concentrate will give you incredible flexibility in truck washing.  It is formulated to safely clean aluminum and painted surfaces on over-the-road tractors, trailers, and other types of commercial vehicles without damage when used as directed.  This product will remove magnetic road film from trailers without brushing.  It works in cold water as well as hot, and rinses free at any temperature.  Works in drive through washes as well.  Available in Drums.

Power Brite – This concentrate will clean painted surfaces without damage.  Removing carbon stack stain and magnetic road film from tractors/trailers without brushing.  It will work in cold water and well as hot water, and rinses free at any temperature.  It will clean and brighten aluminum surfaces.  Designed for heavy duty truck washing.  As is, this product may be metered at 100:1 for hot water or 50:1 for cold water.  Not for use on polished/ annodized aluminum or surfaces protected with poly sealers.  Should be effective in hard water to about 20 grains of hardness.  Available in Drums.

Atlas Truck Wash – This is a “safe cleaner.”  It is designed to clean over the road tractor/trailers and other type commercial vehicles.  It will clean painted surfaces, polished aluminum, anodized aluminum, & chrome without damage.  This product will remove most carbon stack stain and magnetic road film from trailers without brushing.  It will work in cold water as well as hot water, rinses at any temperature.  This product may be metered at 70:1 for hotwater or 35:1 for cold water.  USDA approved.  Available in Drums and 5 gallon Pails.

Aluma Brite – This is a 10% hydrofluoric acid and 10% phosphoric acid solution.  It is to be used at around a 60:1 dilution ratio.  This product leaves aluminum with a soft satin sheen.  Available in Drums

No1A – This is a substitute for AlumaBrite.  It is used when a non-hydrofluoric acid solution is preferred.  This product may be metered at 100:1.  Contains phosphoric and citric acids.  Available in Drums.

CTC Concentrate – This cleaner is designed to remove concrete dust or wet ready-mix splash found on trucks and concrete conveyance equipment.  This is a highly concentrated hydrochloric acid and surfactant blend.  It also contains 10% hydrofluoric acid.  5 gallons will make 50 and is designed to be used at a 10:1 ratio.  This will enhance aluminum surfaces appearance.

Specialty Detergents

CLC Wash – This is a super concentrate designed to be used in a closed loop or wastewater reclaim system.  These systems require that detergents maintain and control growth of foreign bodies within the system.  This pH balanced cleaner makes a 55 gallon drum of ready to use cleaner from one 5 gallon pail of chemical.  Available in Drums and 5 gallon Pails.

CLC Degreaser – This product is a super concentrated degreaser for use in a closed loop or wastewater reclaim system.  This product will aid in control of foreign body growth.  For best results, use with CLC Wash.  Available in Drums and 5 gallon Pails.

Cherry or Lemon Conc – Either product will mask unpleasant odors around dumpsters, garbage areas, rest rooms, etc.  Product dilutes at 4-8 ounces per gallon.  Available in Drums and 5 gallon Pails.

Parts Cleaner (powder) – This all purpose cleaner is a heavy-duty alkaline compound which effectively removes oils, dirt, and many other soils from ferrous and nonferrous metal parts.  At higher concentrations, it is especially effective on varnishes, soft carbons and polishing, stamping and drawing compounds.  Use at 110 – 180 deg F for best results.

SoSimple (“Green” Cleaner) – This non-toxic, non-abrasive, non-flammable, non-corrosive degreaser is biodegradable, economical and concentrated.  This cleaner is user friendly but tough on dirt, grease, oil, mold, mildew, soap scum, etc.  With a pleasant deodorizing scent, this cleaner can be used at full strength for heavy duty cleaning and degreasing or diluted for any cleaning need from appliances to laundry pre-soak, to glass and mirrors

Car Wash Products

High Foam (Cherry) – This is a super high foaming car wash product.  Metering will range from 150:1 to 2500:1 depending on equipment.  It can be used for hand washing, pressure washing or drive thru.  “pH balanced”  Also available with a cherry scent.

Wash & Wax – This concentrate is an acrylic polymer and cleaner concentrate.  Dilute at 1 ounce to 4 gallons.  It will leave paint finishes with a high gloss and it will not spot chrome.

High Pressure Car Wash – Designed for self-serve equipped wash bays it can be used in automatic car wash drive-thru or wherever a “pH balanced” moderate foam detergent is desirable.  Fresh lemon scent.

High Pressure Wet Wax – This is a highly concentrated organic filming agent.  It is a great spray-wax for car washes.  Meter at 1 ounce per 5 gallons of water through the washer.  Pina colada scent.

Detailing Products

Carpet Cleaner – This is specially formulated with optical brighteners to give colored fibers deeper tone and better contrast.  For use on all types of fabric carpets.  Upon application, the emulsified soils are easily flushed to the surface allowing them to be toweled or vacuumed from the fabric or carpets.

OJ Citrus Degreaser – This popular cleaner has a wide variety of uses ranging from an all-purpose cleaner to a heavy duty industrial degreaser.  It will emulsify heavy grease, oil, tar, soap scum, rubber burns, floor finishes, black heel marks, dirt and printers ink.

Waterless Car Wash – This product is designed to safely clean hard surfaces without the use of water, harsh solvent or high alkaline cleaners.  This is a great option when wastewater containment and recylcing are not feasible.  It will clean painted surfaces without damage when used as directed.  No rinsing necessary.

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