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Pump Warehouse Company custom engineers pumping systems for various applications.  We have built large desalination units, small in-house central cleaning systems, specialty motorized pumping units, hydraulic tunnel cleaners and custom pressure washers.

Our custom power units offer the convenience of a professionally engineered and tested assembled package.  Units are composed of a pump and motor with options of many accessories.  Accessories can include regulators, unloaders, safety valves, thermal relief valves, pulsation dampeners, hoses, gun assemblies, auto on/off boxes, pressure gauges, etc.

Most units are ready to ship within 4-6 weeks.  They feature flexible drive options and system options such as wheels for portability, sound dampening enclosures and custom paint.

These systems range in size from a unit that is able to be lifted by hand to a unit that needs a forklift to be moved.

Call Pump Warehouse today to discuss any application.