Metal Fabricating Industries has over 20 years experience in the metal fabrication trade. Our expertise, experience and modern equipment is the key to making our Company a leader in the industry.



We can design, engineer, and manufacture the prototype of a new piece of technology, or build your entire system. We feel that with our ingenuity, talent, and the latest technology, we serve our customers the quality product that exceeds their expectations. Virtually all projects can be manufactured from start to finish at our well-equipped facility, and highly experienced staff. Field installation is also a service we provide to our customers upon request. experience includes:

• Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Carbon Steel, and Other Exotic Metals
• Hoppers & Bins
• Cabinets/Enclosures
• Stands/Platforms
• Racks
• Custom Equipment of various types
• Conveyors
• All welding crafts available
• On Site Installation available