Water Based Cleaning Chemistry:

Progressive technology for Industrial Applications

CDF Industries is a broad line manufacturer of chemicals and lubricants used in all industries.  In an effort to set ourselves apart from others, CDF Industries is committed to producing optimum products that fit the specific needs and allow our customers to be competitive in today’s global economy.  The problem solving capabilities of our process engineers and chemists enable us to formulate specific products for applications where standard formulations are not satisfactory.  These innovative technology developments, combined with superior service and easy accessibility, make CDF Industries’ approach the sensible way to meet industrial chemical needs.

Metal Working & Process Chemicals

CDF Industries manufactures a complete line of metalworking coolants, cutting & grinding fluids, cleaners, vibratory compounds, rust preventative, and all types of drawing and stamping compounds including synthetics, mineral oil, and vegetable oil based products. We specialize in analyzing a client’s process and a specific product will be recommended or custom designed.

Cleaning Chemistry

General wet chemistry lab procedures are routinely performed on raw materials as well as finished products to determine proper cleaning chemistry for an application.  Using advanced chemistry we are able to solve manufacturing challenges.


Vibratory / Finishing Media & Compounds

At CDF Industries, we work with the complete project in mind. We help you achieve the best results possible. Our goal is complete customer satisfaction. Eliminate costly hand deburring and polishing without sacrificing quality.


Wastewater Treatment Clay & Supplies

Clay-based flocculants can be mixed very quickly with the wastewater, producing large floc particles that won't break down under heavy agitation.  Once mixing is complete, these large flocs quickly settle, allowing the clear water layer to be drawn off.  Furthermore, the resulting sludge dewaters easier than the sludge produced from liquid treatment chemicals.